Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pyramid Breweries - H7 Imperial IPA

Oh, thank heaven for a pint of H7?
Somebody sent me some beer mail! I love beer mail. Seriously, could there be anything more awesome than finding a bomber, growler or growlette of a new-to-you brew on your front porch after a long, hard day at work? I think not!

Unfortunately, the day after I received a growlette of Pyramid Breweries limited edition H7 Imperial IPA in the mail, I ended up in the hospital. NO! It wasn't because of the beer! I didn't even get a chance to crack that baby open. It waited in my fridge for me for over a week! 

Why was I in the hospital? That's a long, sad, complicated story of poor genetics and stupidity that is appropriate for another day. Let me just pass along this little piece of advice: 

Dear readers, if you should ever find yourself in excruciating agony, with severe pain that defies explanation GO TO THE HOSPITAL! Mysterious pain usually means something is seriously wrong and requires some expert medical attention. Trying to tough it out for a couple of days might just, you know, result in your death or at least a long hospital stay. They don't have beer in the hospital. Heaven, maybe, but I'm not taking any chances. I'm just sayin'.

Now, back to the BEER! H7 is brewed with seven different hops. Ah, I see what they did there. Very clever nomenclature, Pyramid, very clever. The hops varieties include: Apollo, Chinook, CTZ, Simcoe, Amarillo, El Dorado and Calypso. (I'm pulling this off Pyramid's website.) ABV is 9.5%. IBU comes in at 80.

The beer poured from growlette to pint glass a hazy, deep orange/amber color. Somebody locked the lid down on that growlette very tightly. (THANK THE STARS ABOVE!) There was plenty of off-white, foamy head on the pour with zero coaxing. The head dissipated slowly and left a full, thin cap and webby lacing behind.

Aroma was an indistinct citrus medley and resinous pine right up front. Tropical fruit and floral notes, too. Sweet caramel malt in the background.

Taste was grapefruit and orange with hints of mango and stone fruit. There was a respectable bitter hops punch and a pleasant, spicy zing right at the end. Just a tinge of dankness. Not a lot of alcohol showed up in the taste for a 9.5% brew. Excellent hops/malt balance. This one is different than a lot of your typical IIPA's. Very distinct flavors that suited my taste buds just fine. I like!

Medium mouthfeel with a little bit of stickiness to it. Smooth finish. Exceptionally quaffable for an Imperial IPA.

Good stuff! Merry the Wonder Beagle went CRAZY over the smell of this brew, and it's been a while since a beer got her excited enough to get off her perch atop the couch. I'm giving H7 a BeerGuyPDX rating of 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4 AND a Droolie.

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