Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gigantic Brewing Company - Too Much Coffee Man

Too much is never enough...
Two things Portlanders always take VERY seriously: craft beer and coffee. Yeah, you can make fun of our weather, our hipsters, even our Trailblazers (we're used to it) but don't you ever, EVER say a snide, snarky word about our coffee or beer. We'll give you such a slap!

The love of our two favorite beverages is so deeply ingrained that it should be no surprise you'll find them combined in the most tasty, tasty ways. Such is the case with Gigantic Brewing Company's Too Much Coffee Man. This beer is a Belgian-Style Black Ale brewed with cold-pressed Coava coffee. Yum. I drink Coava coffee every morning. Six cups of it. I'm not lyin'. I love the stuff. How is it in a beer?

Too Much Coffee Man (I think it's named after a comic) poured into my pint glass a dark, dark brown, almost black color with a mocha head. The head came up to a full finger thick and dissipated at a moderate rate. Very little lacing was left behind, save a thin, oily ring of suds around the rim.

Aroma was toasted malt, cocoa, espresso, roasted hazelnuts and almonds.

Taste followed the nose to a tee. Loads of rich coffee and cocoa flavors. Pleasant bitterness playing off nutty, semi-sweet maltiness. Nice.

Medium mouthfeel with appropriately low carbonation. Creamy finish. Smooth. Surprisingly, no hint of an alcohol taste to this 8.2% ABV beer. 

Delicious! The Wonder Beagle went drool crazy for this beer. FOUR long tendrils of drool were hanging off her muzzle with one reaching almost six inches before it dripped onto my sock. Yuck. But that's going to earn Too Much Coffee Man the first ever Double Droolie. It's also getting 3 1/2 crushed cans out of 4 on the BeerGuyPDX rating scale.


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