Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Tap & Growler - Eugene, Oregon

"Stay or Growl"
My daughter in Eugene discovered this new taproom and couldn't wait to take her beer-lovin' papa there. What a great kid, always watching out me. She doesn't particularly like beer herself, but The Tap & Growler also has an extensive taplist of fine wine. Something for the whole family!

The Tap & Growler only serves beer and wine out of the tap--no bottles to be found anywhere in the place. However, they have a huge selection on tap. I think I counted more than 35 different beers up on their taplist. I'm not a wino, so I didn't really pay attention to the wine taplist, but it looks about the same size.

Oh, and about their taplist: it's pretty cool! The lists (one for beer and one for wine) are projected onto the wall behind the bar. It's a nifty set-up.

I didn't get any food while I was at The Tap & Growler, but it appears they have an appropriate selection of pretzels, bread, cheese and charcuterie. I did get a mighty fine beer: a Poblamo Chile saison brewed by Agrarian Ales of Coburg, Oregon. Outstanding brew!
Fill 'er up!

The decor is a cool, restoration, industrial motif with an open ceiling. Service was friendly and knowledgeable. Although I didn't get a growler of anything, I was impressed with the various sizes of fills and reasonable prices.

The Tap & Growler is the kind of taproom I'd LOVE to have in my neighborhood. Hey, why isn't there a taproom like this in my neighborhood?

As I stated before, I'm not a wine drinker, by the idea of a wine/beer taproom combo makes sense. There are some people who dig on beer and others who prefer wine. Can't we all just, just get along? Of course we can!

The Tap & Growler is located at 207 E. Fifth Avenue #115, in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. Go there. You'll like it!

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