Monday, July 8, 2013

Evil Twin Brewing - Low Life Pilsner

Gotta get low, low, low.
Wow, I've been searching out and drinking a lot of pilsners lately. It's the heat. I want to drink beer (duh), but I just can't handle a tonsil-coater right now. A beer needs to be crisp and clean when the weather is broastingly hot. I don't have an air conditioner--I'm certain I've whined about that in a previous post. Did I mention that I don't own an air conditioner? Yeah, I don't have an air conditioner.

I was lurking around the cold case at the market today. Hey, it's cool in the beer aisle--wish I could just set up a lawn chair and stay there all night. I spotted a bottle of Evil Twin Brewing's Low Life Pilsner. Ha, that's pretty funny--"low life", as opposed to "high life". I get it. Miller High Life is perhaps the most horrible tasting of all the mass produced adjunct brews. Ack. I was hoping Low Life would be the polar opposite, as the name would seem to imply.

The beer poured into my pilsner glass from a 12 oz. bottle a clear, bright, golden yellow color. The white head rose up to a full finger thick and dissipated rather quickly. A very thin cap of lacing was left behind. It was certainly a picture-perfect beer, looking quite stunning in that tall glass.

Aroma was grassy hops with hints of lemon. Mild herbal notes mixed with bready, yeasty malt in the background.

A surprising hops bitterness was the initial taste opener. Lemon zest and herbal spice. Everything was pulled together perfectly with an earthy, bready malt backbone. Very well-balanced.

Medium mouthfeel with lively carbonation. 5.5% ABV. No noticeable alcohol taste present.

I wouldn't mind knocking back a few of these. Low Life gets some high marks from me. 3 crushed cans out of 4 on the BeerGuyPDX rating scale.

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