Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stone Brewing Company - Lukcy Basartd

Having a bastardly day.

A little history: There was a time when Big Dumb Galoot didn't like beer. I know, I know, it's hard to believe but it's true. Back in the day, I considered beer to be nothing more than an alcohol delivery system. It tasted terrible, but you had to do what you had to do if you wanted to get your buzz on. Oh, that fizzy, urine-yellow swill. Hold your nose on the first few gulps. No wonder fratboys invented the beer bong. Anything is better than tasting that corny, nasty crap.

Of course, there weren't many beer options when I first reached (almost) legal drinking age. Bud, Miller, Coors. That was it. Ick. Funny how idiots back then were so loyal to their particular brand of horrible, mass-production beer. Those commercials with the beer-guzzling dog and the clear mountain streams were gawd-damned marketing GENIUS. Those Madmen could convince the American public that cat piss tasted great--less filling. Frankly, I had no idea that beer could actually taste GOOD. Enter Stone.

I first tried a Stone craft beer WAAAAAAY back in the late 90's. It was a little known brew called "Arrogant Bastard". My brother-in-law handed me a bottle and I remember saying, "What the f**k is this sh*t?" Well, it was love at first sip, I'll tell you what. Arrogant Bastard made sweet love to my tastebuds and I never looked back.

Stone was right there at the forefront of the craft beer revolution. At least, they got their wonderful products out there and helped create a whole new generation of beer drinkers like me--guys and gals who were simply not going to accept the same old crappy beer. I remember going to the liquor manager of my local supermarket and asking him why Stone Brewing products weren't stocked in his cold case. Soon thereafter, they were there for me to drop right into my shopping cart next to the Ruffles.

Lukcy Basartd is a blend of three different Bastard varieties: Oaked Bastard, Double Bastard and Arrogant Bastard. You can't go wrong with any of them, and blended together, they create a magnificent craft beer experience. Yeah, I have a history with this beer, so expect a highly biased review.

The beer poured into my pint glass a clear, reddish amber. The slightly off-white head was a full finger thick with good retention and lacing.

Aroma is big on the hops right from the get-go. Citrus and pine fills the nose with a powerful pungency. Just a bit of malt sweetness there in the backgorund.

Taste is all about the hops. Bitter zing hits the jaw. Orange and lemon. The oak and caramel malt flavors come through more as a creamy aftertaste. Barely any alcohol sting (8.5% ABV). I really only got a boozy hit on the palate after I finished the whole bomber. Medium to slightly heavy mouthfeel on this one. Nice carbonation with good streams of tiny bubbles coming up in the glass. Perfection.

Lukcy Basartd get a perfect Big Dumb Galoot rating of 4 crushed cans out of 4.

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