Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seven Brides Brewing - Frankenlou's IPA

It's Alive! It's Alive!
I picked up a bomber of this beer at WinCo, no less. Yeah, I was at WinCo. We're having a pot luck at work tomorrow and I volunteered to cook a crockpot full of chili. WinCo's meat prices are appropriate for potluck chili. I do love the people I work with, but not so much that I'd feed 'em meat from New Seasons.

Making chili on a weekday is a challenge, too. It's quite an undertaking, what with all of the slicing and dicing. Typically, all I want to do when I get home from work is veg out. I was happy to find a nice beer to keep me company while I stirred that big ol' chili pot.

Frankenlou's poured into my pint glass a hazy, brown/copper color. The off-white head was quite thick and foamy. A decent amount of lacing was left behind when the head disappeared.

Aroma is typical IPA: citrus and pine. There's a hint of brown sugar or molasses in there, too. Taste is big citrus-y hops. Quite bitter. They aren't lying when they report 105 IBU's. There's not a lot of complexity to this one. The hops dominate the tastebuds. I finished drinking this brew some time ago and my jaw is still stinging from the bitter zing.

Not my most favorite NW IPA, but it's still a tasty beer. I'm giving Frankenlou's IPA a score of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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