Sunday, February 17, 2013

Punctured by Corpses - Undead Porter

Captured by Porches alter ego?

Captured by Porches is one of my favorite Northwest brewers.  They briefly ran an outdoor beer wagon down the street from my house. Sadly, that incarnation of food cart pod didn't last long and they shut down after just one summer run. I think I actually cried when they moved away. Captured by Porches still operates two beer trucks in Portland. One on Lombard and another in a pod on Division. (I bet the OLCC doesn't make things easy for them to operate food trucks that are really just taps on wheels.) I sure miss them in my 'hood.

The brewer and his wife were at the truck often and seemed like very nice people. Captured by Porches does things a little differently. The beers are honest and genuine. They are sold in stores in reusable, stoppered 750 ml bottles. There's a dollar deposit on the bottle, so when you figure that into the $4.99 I paid at New Seasons, that's a fairly affordable craft beer for the size. I actually save the bottles and use them for my own homebrew. The beers are also all 100% Vegan and organic.

Using a seasonal play on the Captured by Porches moniker, Punctured by Corpses Undead Porter features a pumpkin eating specter on the label. That could be misleading to some folks, especially this time of year. This isn't a pumpkin ale. At least, I didn't taste any pumpkin. It's a straight-forward porter, and a darn good one. The label indicates it's brewed from rye and oats.

The now closed Alberta Street beer wagon
The beer poured into my Mason jar a dark brown/black color. The brownish head was a full two fingers thick and was quite foamy. Much sudsy lacing was left behind when the head dissipated. There's an aroma of caramel, malt and brown sugar. Taste is cocoa and sour cherry. There's a nice bitter tang to the stuff. 6.3% ABV so there's no alcohol sting. Nice, smokey after notes left on the palate.

This is a very drinkable beer. Medium body and mouthfeel. I could finish the entire big bottle without any problem. I'm giving Undead Porter a score of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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