Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pints Brewing - Green Line IPA

Green Line IPA - The beer
isn't green.

Pints Brewing operates a brewpub in downtown Portland, OR. The taproom is about a block or so from Union Station, on the cusp of Portland's Chinatown. Hey, if you don't mind strolling through a gauntlet of panhandling hobos, it's an easy walk from the Union Station Max stop. Seriously, though, it's a nice little pub. Pleasantly upscale, nice decor, and the pub grub is above average. I got a beef slider while I was in this week. It was a tasty, teeny, tiny burger with some homemade chips on the plate. Three bucks for happy hour. I liked it.

I had a couple of beers during my stop. The one I liked most was the Green Line IPA. (The Green Line is the name of one of the commuter MAX trains that passes through this part of town.)

The beer was delivered to my barstool a light orange color with a bright white head--what there was of it. The glass was over-filled and spillin'. Foamy bits speckled the outside of the glass. Now, I poured beer for a while in my younger days, and a sloppy pour is one of my pet peeves. I was actually a freak about getting a perfect draft. Other bartenders hated working with me, but I actually got a great deal of satisfaction from setting an expertly poured pint down in front of a patron. Some folks will tell you that the way you pour from the tap will effect the taste and aroma of the beer. I was always a stickler for presentation. Anyway, back to the beer review.

Typical IPA aroma from this beer. Grapefruit with some floral notes. Sweet, honey-like.

Taste is citrus--grapefruit--and some tropical fruit flavors in the background. Pleasant hop bitterness throughout. Not the most complex IPA I've ever tasted but it has a nice, dry finish to it. Medium mouthfeel. Good carbonation. I grow Cascade hops and I like to brew with them. I'm pretty sure there are some Cascades in this beer.

One of the things I love the most about drinking at a brewpub is the freshness of the beer. When you know the beer only traveled a few feet from where it was brewed to your barstool--well, it doesn't get much more fresh than that, does it?

Green Line is a very drinkable beer. The taplist proclaimed it a "session" IPA and I would agree with that moniker. I could knock back quite a few of these, no problem. I'm giving Green Line IPA a solid rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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