Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ninkasi Brewing Company - Imperiale

The Real King of Beers?

We spent the weekend in Eugene, OR visiting our daughter who just moved from Portland to go to college. If you've ever been to Eugene, you should know that it is the home of the University of Oregon and the powerful Ducks football team. Eugene is THE quintessential college town and almost everyone who resides in in the Emerald Valley lives and breaths Ducks football. Seriously, the Willamette River may run through Eugene, but Ducks fanaticism runs through its veins.

Saturday was a game day and when you're in Eugene on a game day--even when the Ducks are away--you can't help getting caught up in the excitement. The streets are literally empty at kickoff. On Saturday, it certainly seemed everyone's eyes were glued to a TV, either at home or in a bar. If there were any tumbleweeds in that part of Oregon, they would have been tumbling through the streets of Eugene. 

I like football just fine, but I love beer. With everyone preoccupied with the game, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to go beer hunting. I ended up at the Ninkasi tasting room. I could sense the ancient Sumerian goddess calling me from across town.

I perused the taplist and settled on the Imperiale Stout. The board proclaimed a 9.1% ABV. The good folks at Ninkasi don't pussyfoot around. No tiny, stemmed snifter or wine glass offered. For five bucks, I was presented with a full pint of the stuff.

The beer was a deep, dark brown to black color. The tan head was minuscule and dissipated quickly.

Big aroma of caramel, chocolate, malt and brown sugar. A bit of citrus hop and floral scents in the uptake.

Taste is big and boozy. Lots of dark fruit. Cherries and...fig? Nice, bitter, hoppy finish. Little bit of alcohol sting and dryness at the very end, but not enough to spoil the delightful flavors rolling around.

That's some good stuff, there Chumley. I gotta give this beer a big rating. 4 crushed cans out of 4. Perfect.

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