Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lucky Buddha Beer

THIS beer... OMG... THIS beer...

I spotted a bottle of Lucky Buddha Beer in the cold case at New Seasons--or was it Whole Foods? In any case, what actually caught my eye WAS the bottle. The bottle is green. It is also shaped like Buddha. Chubby belly and all. Very cool bottle. My first thought was that it would make a GREAT soy sauce dispenser. My second thought was that the beer was probably awful. I was correct on both counts.

This swill poured into my Mason jar a piss yellow color with a foamy white head. The aroma was of corn and cheap malt, and was as skunky as a sour dishrag. The taste was just terrible. Like somebody wrung out that dirty dishrag, filtered the liquid through a dirty sock, and bottled the results. It actually kind of burned my throat on the way down. Not really, but it sure didn't taste good. The body was thin, watery and had an aftertaste that made me sorry I ever took a sip.

I offered Merry the Wonder Beagle a taste. She did jump off the sofa to investigate, but wouldn't go near the small amount of beer I poured into her bowl. She hopped back up on her perch and gave me the stinkeye for interrupting her nap.

The bottle did indeed make a GREAT soy sauce container. I just stuck a liquor pourer in the top of it and ta-da! For the cool bottle alone, I'm giving Lucky Buddha the Golden Turd Award. So bad, it's good.

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