Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gigantic Brewing Company - The Royale

Made for sophisticates and flaneurs...

There's this guy I grew up with...let's call him Dave. In high school, Dave drove a sweeeeeet El Camino. His girlfriend (since 4th grade) was the cutest girl in town. Dave married that girl after he graduated magna cum a-hole from USC. He got a high paying job at a big--no, make that the BIGGEST computer company. He also had two exceptional kids. The boy is a fancy-dancy football star for Alabama and the girl is some kind of beauty queen/Mensa member who spends her free time feeding the homeless or some sh*t. I'm "friends" with the dude on Facebook, although we haven't talked in years. 

Dave posted a pic of himself shaking hands with Obama the other day. Belongs to some kind of high tech advisory group...gawd, I hate Dave. There's just something kind of irritating about people who seem to do everything right. No mistakes. No f**k-ups. People like Dave.

The Royale is the fifth beer bottled by Gigantic Brewing and--lord, help me--I'm starting to consider them the Dave of the brewing world. Can't these guys make a crappy beer? A mediocre beer? A beer that doesn't totally kick ass? Apparently not.

The Royale poured from bomber to glass a beautiful golden amber color with a bright white head. The head came up a full two fingers thick and lasted forever. Copious amounts of lacing--suds, really--coated the glass  from rim to rim.

The aroma is Belgian yeast, citrus and tropical fruit. Sweet, floral notes in the background.

Taste is exceptional. There's Belgian yeast and spice. Light fruit flavors of melon and pear. The finish is unexpectedly dry with a nice bitter bite of hops.

Medium mouthfeel with good carbonation and a pleasant creaminess right at the end.

Really tasty and I'd buy a bomber of The Royale again in a heartbeat. Although it fills me with a tinge of chagrin, I'm giving this Gigantic beer a perfect score of 4 crushed cans out of 4.

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