Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fearless Brewing Company - Scottish Ale

Nothing to fear...

It used to be that the only single beer you could buy in a tall can was the worst kind of swill imaginable. Malt liquor mostly. Ack. It's nice to see more and more craft brewers packaging their products in big cans. I like cans. They are lighter, easier to store and faster to chill.

I picked up a can of Fearless Scottish Ale at New Seasons this afternoon. I bought it because the one pint can has a portrait of me on it... Okay, not really, but that's a pretty badass label, you have to admit. So badass that I had to throw a black t-shirt over the pink sofa cushions in the background when I snapped my photo of it.

The beer poured into my chilled pint glass a orange/brown color. The off-white head was thick, creamy and lasted forever. Foam was still left in the glass when I finished the beer.

The aroma is primarily caramel malt and brown sugar. The taste is bready and  malty. There's a mild bitterness and a pleasant earthiness that remains on the palate. Not bad, but not quite as badass as the label.

This is a pleasant, easy drinking beer. I certainly wouldn't turn one down if somebody offered me one. I'm giving Fearless Scottish Ale a Big Dumb Galoot rating of 2 crushed cans out of 4.

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