Sunday, February 17, 2013

Elysian Brewing Company - BiFrost Winter Ale

Baby, it's cold outside.

Well, we went to storage and picked up all of our Christmas decorations today. Seriously for a minute, I'm usually a big, ol' humbug during the holidays anyway, but with all the bad things that have happened recently, I really wasn't in the mood to get a tree and make the house all bright and twinkly. Gratefully, my lovely wife is quite adept at pulling me out of my crabby shell. Our cozy little abode now looks like Santa's workshop.

Good time for a winter beer, as I sit back and admire the tree and the Christmas glitz and glitter. I pulled a bottle of Elysian BiFrost Winter Ale out of the fridge.

I was somewhat surprised when I poured the beer into my pint glass. I was expecting the typical darker winter ale, but this one is a hazy, golden orange. The white head came up to about an inch thick and dissipated slowly. Lots of sudsy lacing was left behind.

The aroma is citrus and malt right up front. Truthfully, with this brand new Noble Fir Christmas tree parked five feet away from me, all I'm smelling is a whole lot of pine. I don't think any of it is coming from the beer though.

The taste is bitter hops with earthy notes in the background. With a 7.6% ABV, you'd expect a bit of an alcohol bite, and it's in there, but not too overpowering. There's a nice creaminess but a somewhat watery finish. I find myself wishing there was a bit more spiciness to this beer--something to declare it a true winter warmer.

Not bad, but not awesome. I'm giving this beer a Big Dumb Galoot rating of 2 crushed cans out of 4.

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