Sunday, February 17, 2013

Caldera Brewing - Vas Deferens

Better than a knife to the 'nads.

Years ago, after my zillionth kid was born, I decided it was finally time to stop reproducing. Seriously, it was getting to the point where I was just signing my paycheck over to Pampers. Thus, I scheduled an appointment with my local urologist and went in for a little snippity-snip-snip.

My mistake was electing to undergo the procedure under local anesthesia. Not a very comfortable feeling when there's a room full of people crowded around your vulnerable junk. The doctor was chatting away with his surgical assistants about the Dodgers and their weak bullpen. Now, I'm sure he's done his little operation more times than I've shaved, but I was kind of wanting him to stop jibber-jawin' and  pay just a little bit more attention to the task at hand.

The talkative MD wasn't the worst part of the ordeal, though. No, the worst part was when he was finishing up. You see, after the snipping, he sealed up the ends of that severed tube with a laser. Oh, yeah, there's nothing quite like the smell of your own gonads sizzling. Yikes! Sorry, that was quite a digression, I suppose I should get back to the beer I'm drinking.

The beer poured into my pint glass a hazy reddish brown color. The tan head was minimal and disappeared quickly. Scant lacing was left behind.

The smell is caramel, dark fruit and malt. Raisins and dark cherries. Spicy licorice notes.

Taste gives a hearty bitterness right up front. Dark fruit. Smokey chocolate finish. There's a definite alcohol burn on the palate. Not too much to ruin the complexity of flavors rolling around.

The beer is brewed with orange bitters and blood orange zest. I really wasn't picking up on the orange. ABV is 8.1% and the booze is definitely there. This is a sipping brew and I took my time drinking it. The flavors brightened up as it warmed.

Good stuff. I'm giving this beer a Big Dumb Galoot rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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