Sunday, February 17, 2013

Breakside Brewery - Imperial Stout

Are those sleigh bells I'm hearing?

I selected several premium beers to drink during the Christmas Holiday--my house is a "wine free zone". The first beer to be consumed during Xmas Eve Dinner was Breakside Brewery's Imperial Stout. It went equally well with my wife's homemade lasagna AND her double layer chocolate cake.

The beer poured into my goblet a dark, solid black color with a thick, inch-high, reddish tan head. The head dissipated quickly but left a significant amount of lacing behind. No lie, my artist wife felt compelled to snap a close-up photo of the lacing because of the beautiful, swirling pattern in my glass. (Yeah, things are weird around my house like that.)

Aroma is chocolate and dark malt. Cherry and mild spice in the background.

Taste is rich, bitter chocolate with a hint of smokey coffee. The 8% ABV is barely noticeable. Delicious malt lingers on the palate, especially after the beer warms up a bit. There are subtle flavors of dark fruit and sweet port wine rolling around in there.

This one is a keeper. Honestly, this beer paired so perfectly with my wife's awesome chocolate cake that I'm going to want to have another bottle around the next time she bakes one. Unfortunately, Breakside bottled their Imperial Stout in limited quantities. I wonder if there are more sitting around somewhere...

I really enjoyed this Imperial Stout. It deserves a Big Dumb Galoot rating of 4 crushed cans out of 4.

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