Sunday, February 17, 2013

AleSmith Brewing Company - My Bloody Valentine Ale

Happy Violent Times Day!

Argh! Valentine's Day. I hate it. Even though everybody KNOWS Hallmark and FTD Florists conspired to create this lame, fake-a$$ celebration of love, all of us chump husbands and boyfriends give in to the emotional blackmail and shell out bookoo bucks to keep our significant others happy and off our backs on February 14. Pish-posh and poppycock!

Anyway, I think you can see why I was immediately attracted to this beer. My Bloody Valentine Ale is an American Red Ale with an ABV of 6.66% (ha). I'm already a fan.

The beer poured into my pint glass a dark brown/reddish color. The tan head was quite prodigious, coming up at two fingers thick. It lasted and lasted, leaving copious amounts of lacing behind.

Aroma is toasted malt with citrus and piney hops. There's a sweet floral and tropical fruit scent in the background. Brown sugar, too.

Taste is a big bitter hop bite right up front. Flavors of orange and caramel malt round everything out quite nicely. More of a bready, yeasty flavor comes out as the beer warms up. A pleasant sourdough-like taste is left on the palate.

Medium mouthfeel with nice carbonation. The finish is smooth and creamy. Not too heavy and no noticeable alcohol taste.

This is an excellent, highly drinkable beer. Wish I had another bomber of it. I'm giving My Bloody Valentine Ale a BeerguyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4. It also earns a Droolie because the Wonder Beagle went crazy for the smell.

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