Sunday, February 17, 2013

21st Amendment Brewery - Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout

Pretty, pretty beer.

Watching the Super Bowl! Meh, big deal. I'm just not that excited about it this year. I am excited about eating a big ol' plate of nachos and knocking back a few tasty beers. I picked up some cans of beer put out by 21st Amendment Brewery. They make some pretty decent brews--some of the best you'll ever find in a can, anyway. My first pour was their Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout.

I've heard about oyster stouts and this was my very first time tasting one. Sounds weird, and I'm not sure what I was expecting really. Certainly, they wouldn't make a beer that tastes like shellfish...would they? **shudder**

The beer poured into my glass a dark inky black with a thick, mocha/tan head. Just look at the photo. Have you ever seen a more beautiful beer poured out of a can? I haven't. The head dissipated slowly and left a good amount of lacing behind.

Aroma is roasted malt, chocolate and molasses. There's a faint metallic-like smell way in the back.

Taste is chocolate, coffee with hints of dark fruit. There's a slight hop bitterness, but the finish is very smooth and creamy.

Medium mouthfeel with nice carbonation. That creamy smoothness is left on the palate.

Well, no fishiness to speak of. ABV is 7.9% but there's no noticeable alcohol bite. I like it. I'm giving this beer a BeerguyPDX rating of 3 crushed cans out of 4.

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