Sunday, February 17, 2013

10 Barrel Brewing Company - Road 41 Kolsch

Little bit of summer in my glass.

Ack! It's raining like a mother out there! Summer is officially over and the Portland wet, sloggy soggy has begun in earnest. I stopped at Zupan's to pick up some French bread and Parmesan cheese to go with the baked ziti and sausage my wife made for dinner. Of course, I stopped by the cold case and perused the beer.

I ran across a bottle of 10 Barrel Brewing Co's Road 41 Kolsch. It's a special summer release and I said to myself, "Self, maybe a summer beer will make it SEEM like it's still summer." Yup, that's what I said, right there in the aisle in Zupan's. A woman quickly shuttled her child away from me.

Road 41 poured into my chilled pint glass a bright, pale yellow. The head was pure white, foamy and about an inch thick. It quickly dissipated but left a decent amount of lacing from rim to rim. The foam came back quite easily when the glass was topped off.

Aroma has hints of tropical fruit and malt. Not a lot of nose to this one, but what's there is quite pleasant. Taste is sweet and malty. There's a hoppy, bitter hit right at the end that makes this beer a keeper for me. It went great with the baked ziti and garlic bread my wife so lovingly prepared. It really cleaned the palate and complimented the meal instead of overpowering it. Some beers just go better with a heavy meal and this is one of them. I would bring this one home again.

Unfortunately, it's raining so hard right now, nothing could make me think it's still summertime. In any case, Road 41 is helping me deal. I'm giving this beer a very respectable score of 3 crushed beer cans out of 4.

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